What would be the contact lenses price for a squint eye?

Contact Lenses Price – Eye Align

If a person is suffering from a common visual disorder squint, then contact lenses can play a key role in the treatment. However, they are not a complete alternative to other squint eye treatments. An ophthalmologist may recommend wearing correctly fitted and prescribed contact lenses or glasses during the course of treatment. Besides, Contact lenses are today the most preferred choice as an alternate to eyeglasses. Even those having strabismus and needing glasses can opt for contact lenses. While they are the preferred choice it is important to highlight that contact lenses price can vary and may be more expensive if not less than eyeglasses. However, contact lenses prices vary depending on the brand and the type you opt for.

When it comes to affordability, contact lenses’ prices vary based on the different range and type. So, while daily wear lenses can be expensive. Especially if you are using contact lenses more often, or every month, it comes along with the cost of cleaning solutions for sterilizing and storing them. All of this adds up to the contact lenses price.

Permanent contact lenses price in India are in general a little pricey and can range from anywhere between Rs 60,000- Rs 1, 00,000, or even more depending on your requirements. The decision of which type of contact lenses you must opt for depends on whether you want for daily or monthly use or want permanent contact lenses. This is a personal choice and the decision should be based on your eye condition, budget, and lifestyle. However, the best way to decide is by consulting a professional eye doctor for this.