Pediatric Ophthalmology – Saving the vision of our tomorrow

Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Mumbai

A complete examination of a child, from birth till 16 years of age; for any condition. This includes external and internal examination of the eye and consultation for glasses. 

We also provide a complete specialised squint treatment for children as well. 

Unlike a paediatrician (child specialist), we need complete cooperation of the child. For most children, their impression of a doctor is a person who gives injections and we’re here to fight those negative experiences!

We ensure that the child is in an extremely comfortable environment with toys to distract them, chocolates to bribe them and a joyful doctor treating them! This is where our experience of over 33 years helps us in treating the children to the best of our abilities. There shall be no waiting period for child patients.

Squint eye is a condition most commonly developed at a very early age during one’s childhood. It is a condition where both the eyes are misaligned and focuses in different directions. More than often squint eyes in children are associated with weak vision or eyesight. On the other hand squint, eye condition developed in adults could be the results of some medical condition, injuries, and computer screens to name a few. Children tend to not realize and ignore the condition which often leads to other complications. Squint is more noticeable in young children especially when they try focusing on an object or tired. Due to double vision, they tend to tilt their heads to get a better vision of the object they try to focus on.

Treatment for Squint in children

Correction or fixing of the squint eye will never happen on its own. It requires appropriate treatment in consultation with an ophthalmologist in Mumbai. Parents should take their children for check-ups and consultation with a squint specialist in Mumbai. The aim is to provide early treatment and prevent further damage to the vision like amblyopia.  So, the eyes need to be first examined to determine the type and severity of squint.

Most treatment for squint is an on-going process that usually involves regular visits and examinations with an ophthalmologist in Mumbai. The treatments are accordingly suggested depending on the type of squint they have. Again more than one treatment or a combination of treatments may be suggested for the best result. Some of the most common treatments often suggested by an ophthalmologist include-

Glasses- The initial step to dealing with a squint condition in a child is by examining the eyes to see if they need glasses. The child needs to have appropriate glasses prescribed for clear vision in both eyes. This can help prevent squinting eyes resulting in amblyopic or lazy eyes. Generally, children with squint eyes are prescribed a pair of glasses that they will be expected to wear all the time.

Occlusion therapy (patching) – Occlusion therapy which is also known as patching is another common treatment suggested for young children with squint eyes. Patching involves covering the good eye with a patch. This helps strengthen the weaker eyes and effectively helps in the visual development of eyes. Patching done at an early age can even improve the condition to normal.

Exercises- A few eye exercises are often suggested for children to strengthen their eye muscles and vision. Depending on the treatment and type of condition exercises are suggested by squint specialists in Mumbai. Exercises suggested can be in combination with glasses, patches, or surgery as well.


In a condition that is severe and that cannot be treated with any other remedies, surgery is what an ophthalmologist may suggest to a doctor. An operation on the eye muscles will help straighten the squint. For children who have a squint from a very early age, may normally be suggested surgery when the child is about a year old. The surgery is performed by a squint surgeon in Mumbai using general anesthesia wherein the child is unconscious and unable to feel any pain. Normally, such surgeries are one-day procedures, not requiring an overnight stay in the hospital.

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