The Importance of a Retina Examination

Retina Specialist

Retina examination is specially required for patients with medical concerns such as diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol, old age, glaucoma, muscular degenerations, etc. We conduct a complete retinal check-up, after putting the dilating eye drops.


The most common causes of blindness are diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. We may not be able to reverse the damage but we can strive to prevent the progression of the same. In these conditions, even in absence of any complaints, a complete examination of the eyes every 6 months is highly advisable.

Retina Examination specialist near me. retina specialist mumbai. More than often people believe that squint eye is a permanent condition that cannot be treated. But in reality, the eye condition can be treated by consulting a squint specialist in Mumbai. Commonly known as Strabismus, the crossed or squint eye is a condition where the eyes are not aligned in the same direction. This can be a partial, one eye, or alternating between two eyes. The squinting eye may be inward (converge), outward (diverged) or sometimes in an upward or downward direction. The condition could be the result of a medical condition, by birth, accidental, hereditary, or due to an incorrect balance of muscles, refractive error, or other reasons. People believe it to be a cosmetic problem. However, it can be a condition associated with decreased vision or double vision.

Assessment of Squint eye Condition

An individual should consult the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai to get the eyes examined.  The examination may include various tests that will help determine the type of squint and the severity of the condition. The test will also assess the level of refraction and test for binocular vision. Only the squint specialist can verify the condition and suggest treatment for the crossed-eye problem.

Treatment required for correcting the Squint eye

Once the individual is thoroughly assessed to determine the type of squint, the specialist will accordingly recommend treatments based on the severity of the condition. Mostly the treatment for squint eye will be an on-going process that will involve regular visits and examinations at the eye clinic at least for a few years. However, the squint eye is treated depending on the type of squint. So, more than often a combination of treatments may be suggested to the individual for best results. Below given are some common ways suggested for treating the squint eye condition-

  • Glasses- A squint eye surgeon in Mumbai may most likely suggest glasses for dealing with a squint. It is important to have properly prescribed glasses for clear vision in both eyes. This may to an extent prevent the squinting eye from becoming amblyopic or lazy. Glasses may be prescribed for an individual that they may need to wear all the time.
  • Patching- Eye Patching which is also called Occlusion therapy involves covering the good eye with a patch. This is to help the weaker eye develop and improve its vision. The process usually takes several weeks or months for results. In some cases, it continued until the vision is normal, or until further improvement in vision.
  • Exercise- Cases where the squint eye condition isn’t severe certain types of exercises are recommended. This can help strengthen the ability of the eyes to work together. It is a treatment that may also be used with the combination of glasses, surgery, or other similar treatment.
  • Surgery- If there are no results achieved with other treatment the squint eye specialist in Mumbai may suggest surgery of the eyes. Surgery is required to strengthen the eye muscles and straighten the squint. A squint surgeon in Mumbai usually conducts an eye surgery under general anesthetic on an individual for treatment and best results.