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Glaucoma - Causes, Symptoms, Types, Treatment and Prevention

Glaucoma Eye Treatment

We provide a comprehensive diagnostic consultation for Pressure Checking (IOP), Gonioscopy, visual fields (Perimetry) and conduct glaucoma retinal examinations. Treatments available for glaucoma are medical (i.e. non-surgical) and surgical.


Glaucoma is mostly detected while conducting a routine eye examination since most patients do not have any glaucoma related complaints. If untreated, it causes progressive, permanent and irreversible blindness. After the age of 40 years, a regular checkup every 6 months is mandatory for glaucoma patients.

Causes of Squint Eye

Best glaucoma treatment near me.  A squint eye is a medical condition that occurs due to poor eye muscle control. It could also be a due imbalance of muscles, faulty nerve signals to the eye muscles, or other reasons. In a squint eye condition, the eyeballs may converge or diverge leading to disproportional functioning of the eyes. Squint eyes may also lead to poor vision in the affected eye and lead to Amblyopia (lazy eyes) or permanent loss of vision if not treated on time.  It is a medical condition or disorder that could affect anyone at any age right from a baby to an adult. For better understanding and clarity below given are some of the causes of Squint eye conditions-

  • Heredity problem
  • Eye Injuries
  • Weakness of the eye muscles
  • Problem with the nerves in the eye muscles
  • Cataract, glaucoma, corneal scars, optic nerve disease, retinal disease
  • Refractive errors

No matter if it is a child or an adult suffering from a squint eye condition, the patient needs to consult a squint eye specialist in Mumbai for consultation and treatment.  The patient needs to get tested to determine the type of squint they have. The sooner they approach a squint eye specialist in Mumbai the better it is for them in their treatment, care, and better results


Signs of a squint eye are fairly obvious at a very early age. Both the eyes do not seem aligned with one eye converged or diverged. The symptoms may also be just a minor squint that may probably be less noticeable. Infants and newborns may have a crossed-eye which is evidently noticeable especially when they are tired. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have squint eyes. But parents should consult with a pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai. Another sign or symptom noticeable in a child is when children tend to close one eye or tilt their head trying to look for better vision. Given below are some common symptoms noticed in a person with squint eyes-

  • Blurred vision or double vision.
  • One eye or both eyes aligned in different directions
  • Defective vision in one eye or both eyes
  • Tilting or turning of head and face in a particular direction for better vision

Treatment of Squint Eyes

Treatment for squint eyes will be an on-going process. Depending on the condition and severity of the squint specialist may suggest a relevant treatment. The first step towards the treatment typically includes examining the eyes to determine the type of squint and cause of squint. Accordingly, the doctor may suggest one or more of the below given common treatments for squint eyes-

  • Glasses– The squint surgeon in Mumbai may suggest a pair of glasses that can normally correct the squint if hypermetropia or long-sightedness is the cause of a squint eye.
  • Eye patch– Itis a treatment wherein a patch is worn over the good eye to get the other squint eye to work better.
  • Eye exercise– Often doctors suggest eye exercise with the combination of other treatments like glasses, or surgery. The eye exercise helps strengthen the eye muscles and helps improve the vision. More than often eye drops too are suggested for patients.
  • Surgery– Surgery is an option recommended only when other treatments fail to be effective. By performing surgery the binocular vision can be restored by realigning the eyes. Sometimes the surgeon needs to operate both eyes to achieve the right balance. It’s recommended that the patient approaches the best squint eye surgeon in Mumbai for treatment of your eyes.