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Squint Eye Treatments for patients of any age

Squint Eye Treatment

An extremely detailed and thorough examination is conducted of the patient to provide the necessary treatment, to cure the condition, such as vision exercises on the machine, surgery, eye patch, glasses, etc. for patients of ANY age from birth onwards!


Squint consultation is an absolute must to rule out any sight/life threatening conditions which, if untreated could lead to medical complications such as lazy eye, double vision, permanent loss of vision, poor hand-eye coordination, etc. squint specialist near me

Strabismus which is also known as squint or crossed eyes is a condition in which the eyes do not align in line with each other. Generally, with such eye conditions, one eye is turned in a different direction to the other one. When under a normal circumstance, the six muscles that control the eye movement work together and can focus on one object. Patients having crossed-eye have problems in controlling eye movement and find it difficult to keep up with normal ocular alignment. Strabismus is a condition that can be treated by approaching a squint specialist in Mumbai. Here is how squint eye conditions can be treated by consulting an ophthalmologist.

Strabismus Treatment

On consultation with a squint eye specialist in Mumbai, the doctor may recommend certain treatments based on the current eye condition. The treatment for the eye condition may commonly include the following:

  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses: Patients with uncorrected refractive errors are recommended with corrective lenses or eyeglasses. With this, the eyes will need to put in less effort to focus and may align in the right direction.
  • Eye exercises: At times eye exercises are recommended for squint eye conditions. Eye exercise may work for some type of strabismus, especially in case of convergence insufficiency.
  • Patching: If a patient has a condition of amblyopia and strabismus, he may be recommended patching for treatment. With this one can expect an improvement of vision while also improving the control of eye misalignment.
  • Prism lenses: The Squint eye specialist in Mumbai may also recommend special lenses that can bend light entering the eye and further help the eyes in focusing on an object.
  • Medications: Eye drops and other such medications may be recommended by the ophthalmologist with, or in place of, surgery, depending on the patient’s eye condition. Consultation with the best squint eye specialist in Mumbai will help you in your decision for treatment.
  • Eye muscle surgery: At times the ophthalmologist may recommend surgery that helps change the position of eye muscles and which in turn helps the eyes align correctly. The surgery is performed by a squint surgeon using general anesthesia and dissolvable stitches. Based on the eye conditions, at times patients are even recommended adjustable strabismus surgery, wherein the eye muscle positions are adjusted after surgery.