Complete eye check-up

We conduct a comprehensive and over-all eye check up for glasses, consultations and treatments for headaches, cataract, glaucoma, diabetes, eyestrain caused due to usage of electronic gadgets, cataract, retina, squint and the list is almost endless!

Several “common” medical issues we face due to this fast paced life are actually related to the eyes and regular eye examinations can prevent further medical complications from arising as well as help cure the existing issues.

Crossed-eye/ Squint eye which is also known as Strabismus is an eye condition that definitely needs some kind of treatment. The eye condition cannot possibly be ignored and cured naturally. Avoiding treatment and assuming that the eye condition will improve naturally could lead to severe vision damage eventually. Any vision condition requires appropriate examination and treatment for quick recovery and cure. When we say treatment it does not necessarily mean an eye surgery. Depending on the condition an ophthalmologist may suggest treatment for the eye. People having a Squint eye condition should first consult the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai to get relevant treatment. For a better understanding of the treatment, we have outlined the common treatment procedures for a crossed eye condition that squint specialist in Mumbai often recommend or suggest.

Diagnosis & Treatment for Squint Eye conditions

Generally, Squint eye conditions do not just crop up out of the blue. They are often diagnosed in children at an early age. However, that does not rule out the fact that the squint eye could be the result of some medical problems as well. Having said that, children should have routine eye checks as they grow. If there are signs of strabismus, the physician or optician will refer them to an ophthalmologist nearby. The ophthalmologist will examine the eyes to check whether or not the eyes are well-aligned. The test performed will show whether the child or patient has Exotropia, Hypertropia, Esotropia, or Hypotropia.

Treatment options

Prompt treatment is essential if you wish to reduce the risk of complications, such as amblyopia, or lazy eye. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment the more effective treatment is likely to be. Given below are some common treatments that are often suggested based on the eye condition.

Treatment includes:

  • Glasses: In case the crossed- eye condition is the result of Hypermetropia or long-sightedness squint specialists in Mumbai may recommend glasses that may help improve or fix the issue.
  • Eye patch: An ophthalmologist may suggest wearing an eye patch over the good eye to get the other eye working better.
  • Eye drops: if the conditions aren’t severe, the doctor might simply suggest eye drops with certain eye exercises as a treatment.
  • Eye exercise – Ophthalmologist may suggest a simple home-based eye exercise for strabismus. This would typically include holding a pencil at arm’s length, around midway between the eyes, and focusing on it while moving it toward the nose. This is a common and very effective exercise often suggested by doctors.  The patient may also be suggested such other exercise for their eyes.
  • Surgery – Surgery is often recommended if the conditions are severe and no other treatments effective. Squint surgeon in Mumbai performs surgery for such conditions and realigns the eyes to restore binocular vision. At times both the eyes are required to be operated to get the right balance.