Commonly Recommended Squint Eye Exercise for Strabismus

Squint Eye Exercise – Eye Align

Strabismus or squint eye as we call it is a very common eye condition often seen in children at an early age. It is an eye condition wherein eyes are misaligned due to weak eye muscles. It is a condition that can occur even in adults. Squint eye specialists often recommend a range of treatments for improving the eye condition. The treatment for this condition varies from perception glasses to eye exercise, eye surgeries, and eye alignments. Eye specialists often recommend vision therapy and eye exercise as a part of the treatment program. Although not an alternate to the medical and other treatments, yet eye exercise plays a key role in improving vision. Given below are some of the popular and highly recommended eye exercise that helps in vision improvement.

Pencil push-ups

Pencil pushups which are also popularly known as near point of convergence is an ocular exercise often recommended as a part of eye treatment for strabismus. The exercise includes holding a pencil at an arm’s length from your face and keeping your eyes focused on the pencil tip while slowly moving the pencil closer to your nose. Continue moving the pencil slowly back and forth and repeat the exercise several times a day. This squint eye exercise treatment is proven to help improve the condition.


Brock string

The exercise involves using 5 feet of a string with three beads of different colours spaced out at equal lengths apart on the string for the activity. For performing the exercise, the person needs to hold one end of the string close to the nose and tie the other end to a railing or any support. Thereafter they must focus on the bead closest to the nose until they see it as a single object at the point X where the strings meet. Then shift the focus to the next bead and repeat the process. This eye exercise for squint is said to help improve convergence and eye coordination which is crucial in the treatment of strabismus. 


Computer programs- Squint eye specialists have designed computer programs that help in the treatment of squint eye conditions. This program uses divergence techniques which involves a virtual reality game that is used as a tool for squint eye exercise. The exercise helps people with strabismus having trouble with depth perception.