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Squint Surgery: Essential Aftercare Instructions

Much like any other surgical sections, Squint Surgery carries the finest ability to induce the complexities big time. Learning everything about the Squint Surgery Aftercare Instructions is essential if you don’t want to get into any kind of trouble after you are done being under the knife.

Even though the risk is quite minimalistic, but with the help of proper aftercare steps, you don’t have to face any of the minor issues as well. During complications, it is vital to check in with the issues ASAP and move on to manage them in an effective manner.

Why is squint surgery needed?

The squint surgery helps in correcting the eyes, which fail to align in a proper manner. It is mostly performed on muscles of the eye for restoring that normal binocular view. Those who are suffering from these issues will consistently point in a different direction.

The squint eye will alternate between eyes. In some instances, you need special glasses or patches to get some relief. Moving on with the Squint Surgery Aftercare Instructions is important to get the best result.

What to expect after a squint surgery?

There are high chances that you will see some blood around the surgical area and experience some sort of soreness. It is pretty normal and the doctors will recommend the right Squint surgery age limit to follow. The redness or any form of damage that has taken place in the blood vessels will fade within a span of 2 to 3 weeks.

Depending on the operational mode, the Squint surgery recovery time will vary but it won’t take you much time to get back to your old life.

  • Eye patch: Once you are done with surgery, the doctor places an eye patch on the eye. It is a temporary solution, which the nurse will remove before the patient gets discharged from the center. The doctor will let you know when to remove the patch.
  • Swelling and redness: The eyes will stay swollen and red for 2 to 3 weeks, but it is completely natural. The redness will fade off with time.
  • Dual visibility: The patient might experience double vision for couple of weeks after the surgery. It will fade away after initial weeks when the swelling is cured. Then the patient will get accustomed to the new vision.
  • Light yellow tears or mucus: Patients might face some light yellow tears or thin layered white discharge after the surgery. It is also a natural process and nothing to worry about as it will stop after couple of days.

How to take care after squint surgery?

Once you are done with the surgery with help from the best squint surgeon in Mumbai, it is time to focus on the aftercare routine to follow. Make sure to follow the points, as described by the doctors from Eye Align and get instant relief after the surgery.

  • Eye shield: It is highly recommended to use the eye shield for protecting your eye whenever you are going to sleep. During daytime, you are asked to use dark glasses. Make sure to wash the shield from time to time with soap and water, every day and dry the same before using.
  • Shower and swimming: It is recommended to avoid washing your hair. You can wash till the neck so that there is no chance of shampoo or soap reaching your eye. Furthermore, avoid rubbing eyes and clean them just with water and a clean face towel.
  • Timely medicine: It is important to take all your aftercare medicines on time. Be very careful of giving the needful medicines at the right time as it accelerates the healing process. Have a chat with experienced eye specialist for complete treatment guidance.
  • Using ice packs: In order to keep the swelling and redness under check, doctors will recommend you to use ice packs on the sore areas. Make sure to take some time while doing so as it enhances the healing process.
  • Washing the face: The doctor will recommend you how to clean the eye and the surrounding area. You can mop the rest of the face using a clean and wet cloth. Avoid splashing water right in your operated eye.
  • Light games during the first week:  It is always recommended to avoid any heavy activity or outdoor game once you have gone through the surgery. You can focus on indoor activities for the initial few weeks and give your eye some time to deal. Gym, contact sports and similar such situations must be avoided for now.
  • Attending follow-up appointments:  It is really important to take your time and book an appointment with the eye specialist for follow up treatments. Here, the doctors will examine how well your eye is healing up, and will ensure that you are having the best treatment plan. If the doctor feels like making some necessary changes to the after-care medicines, it is the right time for them to do so.
  • Physical activity: Some of the physical activities like talking, watching TV, walking and more can easily be resumed right after you are through with the surgery under reliable medical helping hands. But, there are some activities like swimming, jogging, gardening and contact sports, which are highly recommended to avoid for around 4 to 6 weeks, after you are through with the squint eye surgery.

Working on the eye drops and ointments:

After you have been through the surgery, doctors will recommend you to go with some eye drops and ointments. It is highly recommended to ask someone to help you with the applications as it will be hard to do on your own. Once you have these ointments on and also taking the oral tablets, as and when asked for, chances are high that you will get your flawless vision back in no time.

The reliable team from the house of Eye Align is more than happy to offer you with the necessary help you need. It is really important to get an appointment with the specialists, right away!