If your child has a squint, then read these 3 useful insights.


Squint eye caused in adults and children could be all for a very different reasons. However, detecting the same is important to ensure the right treatment is given. Diagnosis of squint eye in children should be done by the best squint surgeon in Mumbai to get the right diagnosis and squint treatment. So let us today learn and understand how squint eyes can be detected, and some useful insights on how squint can be corrected. But before getting into the aspects of treatment, let us see ways squint eyes can be detected.

How to know if your child has a squint or not?

One of the obvious ways of knowing that a child has a squint is by the appearance of the eyes. A child having squint eye may have their eyes misaligned in different directions. This means when focusing on an object, the eyes may squint with eyes pointing in different directions, including upward, downward, inward, or outward depending on the type of squint, the child is suffering. Squint may not always be visible and may just appear at times or frequently in intervals, depending on the severity of the condition. Other than the obvious symptoms, the possibility of the child having squinted eyes may include-

Double Vision

A child with having squinted eye may suffer from double vision. It may see two images or see an image with blurred vision. Squint eyes affect the vision of a child, and so they often end up with a blurred vision or a double image.

Visual Confusion

Double or blurred vision caused due to squint eye also results in visual confusion. Children may find it hard when it comes to figure the depth perception with blurred or double vision. They further develop an abnormal positioning of the head in an attempt to see clearly due to visual confusion.

Titling of Head

Children may constantly be seen turning their head to one side or moving it up or down to better clarity and focus on an object. This is a symptom very common in babies as well. In a child, short-term squint is often seen when they are daydreaming or when they are excessively tired.

Sensitive to Bright Light

Another classic symptom of squinted eyes is closing eyes in bright sunlight. The eyes of children with squints are very sensitive. So the moment they are exposed to sunlight, they tend to close or squint their eyes.

The recommended schedule for an eye examination

Generally, be it for children or adults, one must ensure going for a regular eye test. Especially in the case of a squint eye condition, for the squint treatment, early diagnosis is crucial. Moreover, a squint can be an indication of an underlying severe vision problem. So early detection can is essential for ruling out any possible disease and for the right treatment of the eyes. If you suspect the child has a squint, then immediately take an appointment with an ophthalmologist or the best squint surgeon in Mumbai for eye testing.

Annual eye check-ups for your child

Ensuring annual eye check-ups for your child is important.During the routine eye check-up, the ophthalmologist may ask a couple of health-related questions to learn about any family history of squint eye or strabismus surgery during childhood. This helps in screening the underlying problem. The ophthalmologist also performs certain tests to check the vision by asking the child to read from a distance or simply perform a cover test by covering and uncovering each eye to see how the eyes move. The doctor may also perform another diagnostic test wherein theyproject light in both eyes to compare the placement of the corneal light reflex in each eye. Based on the results doctor may perform additional tests to examine the conditions a bit more in detail. Hence it is very important to get a detailed diagnosis of the eyes to rule out any possibility of strabismus in children. This is to avoid any serious consequences of squint eye.

Complications of Squint

If you suspect your child has squinted eyes, immediately consult a doctor for diagnosis and early treatment. People often end up ignoring it, and thinking can squint eye be treated, or thinking it may get cured on its own. However,it is important to understand that ignoring squint treatment can result in more complications. Ignoring treatment could lead to further problems, including persistent blurred or double vision, a lazy eye, non-development of normal eyesight, and even permanent loss of vision in the worst case.

The child may face severe vision problems, which may end up being permanent if they are not treated at a young age. If the squint is left untreated, over the period of time, the brain starts ignoring the blurred image produced, and gradually the vision in the deviating eye reduces until the child may permanently lose sight.

When to get medical advice?

Addressing the squint eye problem at a young age will ensure effective treatment and results. It is easier to treat and get cured at a younger age than in adulthood. So the minute one has doubts about their child having squint eyes, they must be immediately taken to the best squint eye surgeon in Mumbai for consultation and treatment. Based on the tests and results, the right treatment and medications may be prescribed for the child. So, generally speaking, here is when you must take medical advice from your doctor when in doubt-

  • The child Squints frequently or all the time.
  • If the child has vision concerns and you notice regular turning of the head to one side or keeping one eye closed when looking at things.

Take an appointment with the nearest eye specialist for testing of the eyes. Based on the right diagnosis, appropriate treatment can be suggested by the best squint surgeon in Mumbai. All that one needs to ensure is that the above-mentioned signs and symptoms should not be neglected, and immediate attention for treatment should be given for squint treatment.