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How Much Would Contact Lenses Price Be in India?

Contact lenses prices in India are generally perceived to be quite high. But that is far from reality. Contact lenses are a perfect substitute for eyeglasses. They are today used as an alternative to glasses and come with a number just as eyeglasses. It is today a preferred option for most people, especially the young generation. This is because it is convenient and much more comfortable than eyeglasses. Contact lenses are the perfect option and provide clear and comfortable vision. They are a safe substitute to glasses and should be used carefully as medical devices and maintained well for healthy vision. However, contact lenses prices are much higher than normal glasses. But they do come in varying price ranges.


When it comes to affordability, contact lenses’ prices may differ based on the type one selects. While daily wear lenses can be expensive if they are used regularly. You even get lenses that can be used monthly that come with cleaning solutions for sterilizing and storing them. The cost of these lenses is priced a little higher. But that said, contact lenses can be available at affordable prices as well. Any eye clinic or eyeglass shop will have and offer you a range of contact lenses from reliable brands like Lenskart, Bausch, and Lomb, etc.


The contact lenses prices in India would range from anywhere Rs. 800 to Rs. 2,500 depending on the requirement. But as mentioned earlier the decision to buy daily, monthly, or permanent contact lenses price in India will vary. The decision will also greatly depend on the eye condition that you have and for that the specific type of lenses that you may require. For many, it also depends a lot on the budget and lifestyle. However, the best way to decide is by consulting an eye specialist who is treating your eye. They may suggest you the best option and also provide you with a contact lenses price that may be affordable for you to purchase.