How safe is squint eye surgery?


Squint Eye is a condition most commonly identified in young children. That said, even adults could develop a squint eye condition due to medical and other vision problems.  But unlike the notion that prevails around squint eye conditions, the eye problem can actually be treated. Squint eye specialist in Mumbai often recommends various treatments for improving the eye condition. Studies suggest that treatment using various advanced techniques suggests 93% of successful treatment. In cases where conditions are severe, squint eye surgeons often recommend surgery. This is, however, the last resort to the squint eye treatment. Likely any general surgery squint eye surgery too comes with its share of risks and side effects. So when we talk about safety, well it is a treatment that is safe in most cases. Discussing this in detail we have explained whether or not squint eye surgery is safe.

Following are some of the risks involved in squint surgery, as per a squint eye surgeon in Mumbai as listed below:

  • Depending on the severity of the squint, a person may require multiple surgeries for results. The chances of being able to correct the vision with a single procedure may time seem difficult.
  • Although very rare but there are chances of the squint eye problem reoccurring. The squint eye surgeon in Mumbai may ask the individual to undergo another surgery in the correct position.
  • In some cases, a person may temporarily develop double vision. At times it may last a long while at times the eyes get adjusted eventually.
  • One may witness redness in the eyes that could last long. This could be caused due to the scar in the tissues on the surface of the eye.
  • A person may even experience blurred and distorted vision.
  • Even the best eye doctor may warn you that the inside of the eye may get damaged due to the stitches. However, laser treatment is the best alternative treatment.
  • In the rarest of the rarest case, the eye may develop an infection. However, that I something that can be managed with eye drops recommended by any squint eye specialist nearby.


All said and done most of the squint surgeons in Mumbai and around the world often say that such surgeries are very safe. These complications listed above are experienced very rarely by the patients. It is often shared with people before the surgery to keep the patients informed. But in general squint eye surgeries are very safe if performed by experienced squint eye surgeons in Mumbai.