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What is the possible best treatment for squint eye conditions?


Squint eye which is also referred to as strabismus is an eye condition that occurs in both children and adults. However, this condition is most commonly seen in children at a very young age, and while in adults it occurs due to other eye conditions. For conditions like this, it is recommended that the person gets their eyes tested by Squint specialists in Mumbai. They often diagnose and recommend treatment that helps in recovery. Speaking more on this we have today shared some of the possible treatments for squint eye conditions that pediatric ophthalmologists in Mumbai often suggest.

Treatments for squint

Squint eye conditions can be treated if consulted with the best eye doctors at an early stage. Depending on the severity of the eye condition treatment for the eyes is suggested. However, here are some treatments for squint that are often suggested by doctors.


Treatment for lazy eye (amblyopia)

Treatment for amblyopia or lazy eye which often arises due to the squint eye condition needs to be addressed immediately to prevent any further escalation of the eye condition. This treatment helps improve the vision in a way that it restricts the use of the good eyes while forcing the lazy eye to work. For this, the best eye doctors in Mumbai suggest using a patch over the good eye. Wearing of a patch may be suggested for a few hours a week or most of the day depending on the eye condition. The treatment may take a few weeks to several months until either the vision is normal or until the improvement is stagnant. Occasionally, doctors even suggest the use of eye drops or glasses for the treatment to improve the vision. 


Treatment for correcting any refractive error using glasses

For refractive error be it the long or short sight, doctors may suggest glasses or lenses to correct vision in the affected eye. This is possibly the easiest and safest way to correct refractive errors. The eye doctor prescribes the right eyeglass/lenses to provide clear possible vision. This process also to a great extent helps straighten the squinting eye.


Strabismus surgery

Doctors may even recommend surgery for the eyes to treat the squint. In this scenario, squint surgeons in Mumbai go in for a quick procedure to correct the appearance of the squint and restore binocular vision. Surgery is a common eye operation that involves fixing the eye muscle that helps improve or restore binocular vision. Sometimes two or more operations are needed to correct the squint. However, with advancements in the medical industry, the eye procedures performed by doctors are safe and not complicated.


Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin injections are at times suggested by doctors for treatment of certain squint types, specifically, that turn inward. This is at times suggested as an alternative to surgery. It is used in conditions where it helps weaken one or more muscles and prevent them from squinting. However, botulinum toxin is a treatment not commonly used for children.



Depending on the severity, type of squint, and vision condition doctors suggest the best treatment for squint eye conditions. It is recommended that you consult the best squint eye specialist in Mumbai for diagnosis and treatment. With proper consultation, diagnosis and treatment the eyes can be treated and cured. However, it is also important to understand that the earlier you consult and get treated the more are the chances for successful treatment.