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Different vision therapy used along with the treatment for strabismus


Squint eye condition often needs immediate attention and treatment from the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai. While the doctor diagnosis and recommends treatments such as medications, glasses or lenses, surgery, etc, they often do recommend vision therapy along with the mentioned treatment for improving the vision. As we know squint eye isn’t just about the cosmetic looks of the eye but also the vision issue. So, the treatment for the squint eye not just revolves around fixing the cosmetic looks but improving the vision as well. Explaining this, we have shared some types of vision therapy that are often used along with other squint eye treatments. But before that let us first understand and learn about vision therapy. 

What is vision therapy?

Vision therapy (VT) helps improve visual skills and abilities. It involves performing a series of eye exercises using lenses or training glasses, prisms, filters, patches, etc. the therapy is designed to improve the vision and condition of amblyopia and many binocular vision anomalies that arise due to the squint eye condition. Although it is important to note and understand that vision therapies recommended by a squint eye specialist in Mumbai do not correct the refractive errors and short-sightedness and require a separate set of treatments. Different types of vision therapy can be explained below.

Types of Vision Therapy

Behavioural vision therapy

Behavioural optometry therapy is a therapy that explores how visual function influences a patient’s day-to-day activities. Vision therapy is a treatment that strengthens the neural connections between the eyes and the brain and enhances visual skills. This therapy improves vision with eye exercises. It is known to treat several conditions such as Strabismus (crossed-eyes) Amblyopia (lazy eye), Double vision, Convergence insufficiency, difficulties with visual perception and processing, etc.


Orthoptic Vision Therapy

Orthoptic is a standard vision therapy that focuses on binocular vision and eye movements and eye coordination. It is a kind of vision therapy that a squint specialist in Mumbai recommends to address people having issues with focusing. The therapy involves a series of exercises practiced over months to improve binocular eye movement and functionality. Pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai evaluates and measures the eye deviations and according recommends orthoptic vision therapy for the treatment of amblyopia and treat small intermittent symptomatic eye deviations.


Visual Integration Vision Therapy

This is another vision therapy that helps in treating problems of visual attention and concentration. This typically means addressing the issues of visual information processing. This processing ability allows you to integrate information with your other senses or with other visual information. So to improve this visual condition doctors often recommend visual integration therapy. This involves eye exercises that are practiced by specialist optometrists. Although it is important to note that this treatment does not help in the treatment of strabismus yet it does help improve the visual condition. 

Depending on the alignment, eye condition, and the severity of the visual issues squint specialist recommend vision therapy. So, consulting the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai is essential before you proceed with any treatment for your eyes.