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How can the squint eyes be treated with non-invasive methods?


Squint eyes are a condition with misalignment in the eyeballs. It is a condition that usually occurs when you have weak eye muscles. Some squint eye conditions could also be hereditary or occurred due to some health conditions. It can happen to kids at an early age or even adults but can be treated by consulting a squint specialist in Mumbai.Treating squint eye is not a big deal and may at times not require surgery. However, that again depends on the type and severity of the squint eye condition. According to the best squint surgeons in Mumbai, the treatment of the condition can be difficult over the years if the treatment is delayed. So, once detected it is highly recommended that the patient with the squint visits the squint eye specialists for consultation and treatment. Covering the different treatments available today, we have shared in detail the possible noninvasive treatment for the eye condition. 

Eyeglasses or Contact lenses

Eyeglasses or Contact lenses are recommended by the squint eye doctor if they believe the underlying problems with vision are the cause of squint eye. So, with the right diagnosis and recommendation of eyeglasses, the problem can be accordingly addressed. The lenses or eyeglass of appropriate power can help align the eyes better and improve the vision. 

Eye Patching

Squint eye specialists in Mumbai based on their diagnosis often suggest eye patching. Eye patching is basically covering the good eyes and allowing the affected eyes to work appropriately. This is another common way of treating the squint eye condition and improving vision. It helps push the weak eye to work better and improves the flexibility of the affected eye muscles. This treatment when combined with other treatments can also help in fast recovery and improved eye alignment of eyes. 


Palming is something that most doctors recommend their clients to do. This is an easy, effective treatment that allows your eyes to rest. Palming relaxes the eye muscle, eases eye fatigue,and helps improve eye muscle flexibility. It is essential that patients with not just squint eye but any eye condition rest their eyes for a while in the day to avoid straining the eyes and potential of worsening of the eye condition. It is one of the best and highly recommended exercises to improve the flexibility of muscles in the eye. Palming exercise isrecommended before going to sleep or after long hours of work for good results. 

Pencil Push-Ups

Eye surgeons in Mumbaioften recommend eye exercise along with other treatments for the squint eye condition. Pencil Push-Ups are one such exercise that is said to be an excellent treatment for the squinted eye. The exercise can be performed from anywhere including home or office with a pencil, pen,or anything that has an end pointed. All you need to do is sit up straight and move your pencil back and forth slowly, getting the pencil closer and further away from your eyes for some time for better focus and muscle movement.

While all the above-mentioned treatments are popular and most commonly recommended, we suggest a consultation with the best squint surgeon in Mumbai.Visit the doctor, get yourself diagnosed, and follow their medical treatments and recommendations for the best results.