Pediatric Ophthalmologist in Mumbai

When should you consider consulting a pediatric ophthalmologist for your child?


Eye or vision problems like any other medical condition should be taken seriously. Regular checkup is a good way to detect abnormalities or undiagnosed conditions, especially in children. It is highly recommended that kids are taken for a regular checkup and consultation with the best eye doctor in Mumbai. Such eye examinations are crucial as they ensure your child’s eyes are healthy and have no vision problems. While most of the time the eye conditions are evident but again in some cases the vision problem goes undetected. Eye examination and early detection of vision issues can prevent aggravating of the eye condition.  So, regular check-ups are a best practice that must be considered by every parent for their child. That said,here is when we strongly recommend that you must take your child to a pediatric ophthalmologist for an eye checkup. 

Consider consulting a pediatric ophthalmologist at the right time

Children should be taken to pediatric ophthalmology in Mumbai at a very early age, maybe as early as 6 months of age. While regular eye check-ups are a must but you should also consider scheduling an appointment with an eye doctor when the child’s eye appears abnormal, excessive tearing and irritation, eye turning inwards or outwards and not really focused, or when sensitivity to light. Until children are old enough to expressthemselves, frequently visiting an eye doctor is recommended. Poor vision development can result in other eye or vision problems that could end up being severe if left unattended. An annual eye examination will help doctors notice changesin the child’s vision and detect issues before they end up being severe. An eye examination can help the eye doctor analyze vision issues and get to the root cause of them. Early detection and remediation go a long way in ensuring the success of vision treatment. Most pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbaiperforms vision evaluation that measures the visual depth, sharpness,eye teaming, eye movement, and eye focus. This is to ensure the child’s vision is healthy. Given below are certain signs and symptoms of eye problems that should be addressed immediately when detected.
  • Blurred vision
  • Excessive tearing
  • Swelling
  • Dry and itchy eyes
  • Sensitive to light
  • Red eyes
  • Headaches
  • Night blindness
If the above-mentioned symptoms are detected it is recommended that you get your child an appointment with the doctor immediately. One must not avoid or neglect such signs or symptoms and should take prompt action to address the issue. The best eye doctors in Mumbai will diagnose and recommend the right treatment for the underlying condition detected from the eye test. It is just that you need to be aware of your child’s visual health condition and monitor changes through regular eye tests. Keeping a track of your child’s vision is essential for it to stay healthy especially at their growing age. Do consider taking your child to the eye doctor regularly for examination and be assured of your child developing a good vision.